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Archery for the 2012 Summer Olympics in London will be held at Lord's Cricket Grounds located in London England. Archery will show who has the nerves of steal and focus of a champion.

Information On Archery

Location of Events: Lord's Cricket Grounds
Dates: July 27, 2012 - August 3, 2012
How many Medals: presented: 4 ( 2 men 2 women)
Number Of Athletes: 64 men 64 women

Archery has been around for over 10,000 years as a form of collecting food and for safety. In the 2012 summer Olympics the archers will be shooting at a target that is 122 cm in diameter and will be fighting to land a bull-eye or yellow ring. The yellow ring is a mere 12.2 cm and worth 10 points. With the distance being 70 meters or approximately 210 feet , all contestants will be working hard and also applying fundamentals to ensure metal placements

There will be two main events for Archery in the 2012 London Summer Olympics. First there will be an individual men's and women's competition, that will be including a knockout format. For 5 rounds men and women will see who has the steadiest hands and after the winning archer on each round moves on. The team even will pit different teams across the globe to compete for metal contention.With the team format , each team will have three archers competing with only 3 attempts per archers to get the highest score possible.

Point System for Archery
Archery Vocabulary
  • Boss: The target, usually a square black block made of compacted foam, to which the target face is attached.
  • Bowman: An archer.
  • Draw: The act of pulling back the bow string in preparation for shooting.
  • Nock:  A notch at the end of an arrow that rests against the bow string.

             Preparing For 2012 London Olympic in Archery